🇧🇷 4 Things Brazilians Can Buy Cheaper Than You
152 views · Oct 5, 2022
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Prices in Brazil and the local cost of living are full of surprises. While cars, Apple Iphone, or clothes can have high prices compared to the US or UK, some things are quite cheap. In this episode, we list four things Brazilians can purchase for incredibly cheap prices.

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Tell a Brazilian that his country has some good-quality stuff for ridiculous prices, and it is likely that he will disagree or expect a joke involving bribes and crime. But there is something curious about the living cost in Brazil.

As a Brazilian myself, for long I held this belief that in my country, almost everything is overpriced and overtaxed (like iPhone or PlayStations), or has a lower standard of quality — like some Brazilian basic car models that cannot be sold in Europe due to safety concerns).

Electronics and industrial goods can be costly in Brazil, but this is not valid for many utilities and staples.

Things that are often more necessary than a new Xbox

Brazilians seldom notice that they are paying peanuts for things like water. It is a shock that many of us have when moving abroad. Eg: I always heard during my childhood that in Europe people don’t take multiple showers per day because it is cold or because they use a lot of perfume to disguise body odor.

The truth, however, is that bathing in Europe is expensive.

Some simple math:

Cost of a cubic meter (1000 liters) of water and sewage in São Paulo: R$4.54 (if you live in social housing, it is even cheaper). That is USD$0.87.

Water used in a 10-minute shower, with a modern showerhead: approx. 90 liters.
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