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Colligere means gathering in Latim. The reason I took this name is our very own value proposition: put together the best professionals, advisors and concierges that an expat needs to skyrocket his adaptation.  Our service only finishes when our clients have their life solved.
Levi Borba, founder of Colligere Expat Consultancy

Who We Are @ Expatriate Consultancy

Levi Borba – Warsaw / Poland and São Paulo / Brazil

Levi is the founder of Colligere Expat Consultancy, and also the creator of Small Business Hacks, Recomendo Comprar, Nearby Airport Hostel Warsaw, and of Parking Okecie Warszawa. He also authored three published books. After finishing his studies at the University of Sao Paulo (USP), he was admitted to one of the fiercest management trainee programs in Latin America. There, he spent a year mentored by high-level executives. He relocated to Chile and later to Qatar to join the team of the best airline that humankind has ever created. After years of development, he moved to Europe to take his dreams from paper and started an entrepreneurial venture in the hospitality sector.

With the knowledge gathered from living and traveling across more than 50 countries, he wrote the book that became one of the business travel bestsellers in Amazon: Moving Out, Living Abroad, and Keeping your Sanity.

Now he can help YOU to solve the questions of life overseas. Check his services here.

Rafael Andrade – Moscow / Russia

Rafael graduated in History at the world-class, internationally distinguished University of São Paulo in 2014. After he worked as a language teacher for expats in Brazil before moving to Moscow in 2017. In Moscow, he is finishing his master’s thesis in Asian Studies. He is also a language instructor and guide to those visiting the breathtaking city of Moscow. Besides Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French, he dominates with fluency the perplexing Russian language.

Discover how we at Expatriate Consultancy can help to simplify your life abroad. Write to us at levi@expatriateconsultancy.com or complete the form below.

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