The Best-Selling Books Every Expat Should Read

The Best-Selling Books Every Expat Should Read

From nine years living as an expat in Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe, to the best advice we wish we had before boarding. All that in two straightforward, no-nonsense guides that every expat should read.

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<h1><span style="color: #000000">If you are moving to Poland, moving to Russia or moving to Brazil...</span></h1>

If you are moving to Poland, moving to Russia or moving to Brazil...

And you need local experts, sworn translators, immigration specialists or even a school for your kids.

We help you with all that, and much more.

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Colligere consultancy saved our lives in Poland in every way. They helped us with essential documents to be translated from Polish. They came to our residence several times to help translate and take the necessary actions with government letters, sheets to fill out, bills to pay, complaints etc. Levi even helped us by going personally to public agencies to solve various problems and pending issues. He was so good that even with supermarket products that we had no idea what was written, he guided us via WhatsApp. It was a few months with many measures and personal and bureaucratic problems, and without Colligere we would be lost! Levi has a lot of patience and is very polite. I recommend his services to anyone who needs something simple or complex!

Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn – California, USA





We will answer all your questions. Today.

We will answer all your questions. Today.

After finishing his studies at the University of Sao Paulo (USP), Levi Borba was admitted in one of the fiercest management trainee programs of Latin America, where he spent a year being mentored by high-level executives. He relocated to Chile and later to Qatar to join the team of the best airline that humankind has ever created. After years of professional development, he moved to Europe to take his dreams from paper and started an entrepreneurial venture in the hospitality sector. Now he and his team wants to help you to make your history abroad.


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