The Price for an Uber in 2023

Which cities have the cheapest and most expensive Uber rides?

(The entire ranking of the cheapest and most expensive cities to take an Uber is at the end of the article, just in case you want to jump directly to there)

Besides the splendid scenery and exotic food, there is another discussion subject among friends returning from holidays.


We discuss price discrepancies and inflation because it affects our pockets, and also because it gives us a perspective on labor costs, living standards, and infrastructure development. 

And, at least for some people, including me, it is also enjoyable.

I remember when I was a teenager how I spent time reading the charts of the Big Mac Index. It is an index compiled by the magazine The Economist comparing the prices of a Big Mac in different parts of the world. My interest in prices and charts, later on, resulted in my choice of an economics major at University.

The Big Mac Index became a hit because economists view the index as a decent real-world indicator of local purchasing power. This is because the pricing of a Big Mac considers local costs of raw materials, labor, taxes, and business premises.

I rarely listen to economists because many of them do not deserve any attention. But in this case, they almost got it right. Almost because the Big Mac Index does not take into consideration anomalies in demand. So if a country with low material, labor, and tax costs has an unusually high demand for hamburgers, the price still may be higher than expected.

Outside of these cases, however, it is a good measure.

In the same fashion as the Big Mac, the price comparison between Uber in similar conditions can illustrate how high are the labor and material costs in a certain country. Since drivers are freelancers, if the salaries are high and unemployment is low, Uber rides should cost more to attract drivers enough. These price fluctuations take into consideration offer and demand. Uber Dynamic Pricing model — something similar to what I did during my airline career — controls the price changes.

It is curious to see, for example, that one of the cheapest Uber rides in Europe is in the same country where you can find some of the cheapest prices of gastric sleeve surgery abroad.

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The Comparison Criteria for The Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities to Take an Uber

Before jumping into our Uber Rides comparison, first the criteria. I want to compare apples with apples, or, in the worst case, apples with pears, not with golden bracelets.

Every ride here will follow the criteria below:

  • All rides to be compared have a distance of 6 kilometers.
  • All rides are between the financial district and a residential district.
  • All rides compared consider average traffic. No congestion. This solves the problem of comparisons between the rush hour in city A and the low-traffic flux in city B.
  • All rides consider the cheapest form of Uber available.

Uber rates by city

Australia — Sydney

Departure: The Sydney Central Business District (CBD)

Arrival: 70 Simmons St, Newtown

Price: 18.73 Australian Dollars (US$ 14.61)

Belgium — Brussels

Departure: The Northern Quarter

Arrival: Rue Jean d’Ardenne 78, 1050

Price: 11.98 Euro (US$ 14.62)

Brazil — Sao Paulo

Departure: Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 1384

Arrival: Rua Tomás Carvalhal, 818–1018 — Paraíso

Price: 16.80 Brazilian Reais (US$ 3.19)

Canada — Vancouver

Departure: 674–624 Granville Street.

Arrival:1491 Kamloops Street.

Price: 14.33 Canadian Dollars (US$ 11.89)

Chile — Santiago

Departure: Rosario Nte 660–460, Las Condes

Arrival: Av. Luis Thayer Ojeda 1698–1502, Providencia

Price: 4119 Pesos Chilenos (US$ 5.77)

Colombia — Bogota

Departure: Cra. 10 #72–44, Comuna Chapinero

Arrival: Cl. 64D #69h1

Price: 9900 Pesos Colombianos (US$ 2.67)

France — Paris

Departure: 1–15 Rue des Longues Raies, 92000

Arrival:Rue du Souvenir, 95870 Bezons

Price: 12.25 Euros (US$ 14.95)

Germany — Frankfurt

Departure: Börsenpl., 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Arrival: Ulrichstraße 43, 60433 Frankfurt am Main

Price: 12.58 Euros (US$ 15.35)

India — Bangalore

Departure: 61, Avenue Rd, Ballapurpet, Chickpet, Bengaluru.

Arrival: 987, VK Gokak Rd, Gavipura, Kempegowda Nagar, Bengaluru.

Price: 140.54 Indian Rupees (US$ 1.97)

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Italy — Milan

Departure: Borsa Italiana, degli Affari, 6, 20123 Milano

Arrival: Via Ettore Ponti, 30, 20143 Milano

Price: 16.81 Euros (US$ 20.51)

Japan — Tokyo

Departure: Tokyo Stock Exchange, 2–1 Nihonbashikabutocho, Chuo City

Arrival: 4-chōme-22 Senzoku, Taito City, Tokyo

Price: 3702 JPY (US$ 34.06)

Mexico — Mexico City

Departure: Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11550

Arrival: Cidet, Av. Clavería 119, Claveria, Azcapotzalco, 02080 Ciudad de México

Price: 63.05 Pesos Mexicanos (US$ 3.15)

Poland — Warsaw

Departure: Warsaw Spire, plac Europejski 1, 00–844 Warszawa

Arrival:Jana Maklakiewicza, 02–641 Warszawa

Price: 13.17 Zlotys (US$ 3.56)

Spain — Madrid

Departure: Torre Europa, Paseo de la Castellana, 95, 28046 Madrid

Arrival: Calle de Asura, 6–16, 28043 Madrid

Price: 8.68 Euros (US$ 10.59)

Switzerland — Zurich

Departure: Paradeplatz, 8001 Zürich

Arrival: Birchstrasse 28, 8057 Zürich

Price: 18 Swiss Francs (US$ 19.98)

Ukraine — Kyiv

Departure: National Bank of Ukraine, Instytutska St, 9, Kyiv

Arrival: Pravoberezhna St, 61, Kyiv

Price: 71.43 UAH (US$ 2.57)

The United States — New York

Departure: 16–2 Pine St, New York, NY 10005

Arrival: 353 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Price: 30.28 Dollars (US$ 30.28)

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Ranking of Uber Prices

From the cheapest to the most expensive, here is the ranking.

Bangalore, India. Bangalore has the cheapest uber prices of all cities analyzed.
Bangalore has the cheapest uber prices of all cities analyzed.

The cheapest Uber Ride

The cheapest Uber ride in all cities compared is in Bangalore, the financial center of India. Using an exchange rate of 0.014 USD per Indian Rupee, the total price of the 6km route was US$1.97.

Below is the ranking of the remaining cities:

2nd — Kyiv, Ukraine. US$2.57

3rd — Bogota, Colombia. US$2.67

4th — Mexico City, Mexico. US$3.15

5th — Sao Paulo, Brazil. US$3.19

6th — Warsaw, Poland. US$3.56

7th — Santiago, Chile. US$5.77

8th — Madrid, Spain. US$10.59

9th — Vancouver, Canada. US$11.89

10th — Sidney, Australia. US$14.61

11th — Brussels, Belgium. US$14.62

12th — Paris, France. US$14.95

13th — Frankfurt, Germany. US$15.35

14th — Zurich, Switzerland. US$19.98

15th — Milan, Italy. US$20.51 (Milan is also one of the cheapest cities to fly to in Europe).

16th — New York, The United States of America. US$30.28

17th — Tokyo, Japan. US$34.06

The most expensive Uber rides

The most expensive Uber rides among all cities compared is in Tokyo, Japan. The price of the 6km journey is 3925 Japanese Yen, meaning, at the current exchange rate, 34.06 US Dollars.

When are Uber prices the cheapest and most expensive?

When are Uber prices the lowest possible
When are Uber prices the lowest possible? Definitely NOT on Saturday evenings.

According to Uber’s website, when you go to request a ride on a Saturday night, the pricing may be different than the price of the identical journey a few days earlier. This is due to their dynamic pricing system (something similar to how airlines price their tickets), which changes prices based on a variety of factors, including route length and distance, traffic, and current rider-to-driver demand. During exceptionally busy seasons, this may result in a temporary price rise.

Uber employs variable charges to attract more drivers to be on the road and assist deal with the increased number of rider requests when demand surges.

When Is Uber Most Expensive

If you’re a frequent Uber passenger, you’re undoubtedly already aware of the company’s peak times, when demand and pricing are likely to rise. The prices are higher at:

  • Saturday and Sunday evenings
  • Rush hour after work
  • Festivals and large-scale events

When is Uber cheapest?

Below is the answer to the question about when are Uber prices the lowest.

  • Uber has the cheapest prices on Monday and Tuesday nights, between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • As for weekends, Uber has the lowest prices on Saturday afternoons — between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., according to the report that was based on data from more than 100 million rides

Conclusions about Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities to Take an Uber

The Uber prices in the analyzed cities reflect the discrepancies between the labor costs. A single uber ride in Tokyo would cost more than 17 rides with the same distance and characteristics in Bangalore, India.

This comes as no surprise when we realize that Japan has a per capita income almost 20 times bigger than India.

An apparent surprise is that Milan had the largest price among all European cities since Italy does have an average income lower than Switzerland or Germany. But we must remember that Italy is a fairly unequal country, and Lombardy (the region of Milan) has an average income far higher than Italy.

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