Study Abroad in Poland: An Increasingly Popular Idea

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Poland is a beautiful country that will instantly impress you with its European atmosphere allied with really, really affordable costs (especially when you compare it with other countries in Central Europe). They are also famous for their idiom: the Polish language is remarkably difficult (but later in this article we will explain why you should not worry much about it).

In the last two decades, Poland also experienced extraordinary growth, to the point that many Polish citizens are returning to their homeland after emigrating to other countries.

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The Polish Education System

The Polish education system, especially at the elementary and high school levels, is among the best in the world. But the country has also plenty of high-quality universities with courses in foreign languages like English. An added benefit is that these universities are often located in cities with a large student population.

Some examples of major universities are:

  • The Jagiellonian University in Krakow (the oldest university in the country and considered by many the best university in Poland)
  • The University of Warsaw
  • The Wroclaw University
  • The Gdańsk University of Technology

Since Poland has always strived for innovation but always remained true to its identity and values, education in Poland is second to none.

There are strict rules, adherence to the highest standards, and in-depth research that even a foreign student will have to do! As the practice shows, it always pays off as you are also getting access to the country’s best laboratories, amazing cuisine, governmental support, affordable prices, and accommodation.

Why is Poland Popular Among Students?

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Affordable European Diploma 

The main reason for its popularity is a unique chance to get enrolled in one of the best European universities and study by using English. There are many guest lecturers and native speakers who will provide you with materials that will match all the academic credits required.

Of course, basic knowledge of Polish will help you a great deal, and many universities offer language support free of charge. If English is not your first language, however, you can use an essay writer service to get your grammar fixed. It is also possible to ask an expert to proofread your writing and fix structure and logic mistakes before you submit your writing! 

Even Warsaw, the capital city which is by far the most expensive Polish city, is cheaper than other major European cities and 59% less expensive than London.

There is a reason Poland is among the best countries in the world for medical studies and for general education.

Costs, Accommodation, and Logistics

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Studying in Poland is also much cheaper as students can find amazing boarding and private accommodation options. You can search both the local ads or consider university boarding options (always good!).

The presence of affordable and almost free transportation (student ticket discounts) also makes it easier to travel for those who want to visit Germany or any other European country. It makes it possible to save funds both locally as you study.

If you add fantastic cuisine and the presence of affordable shops for clothes and accessories, you will see why Poland is so popular among students.

Low costs also turned Krakow, the city with one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe, a favorite among remote workers and digital nomads.

Two curious facts: Poland is also the best country to visit in Europe during autumn and has one the cheapest Uber rates in Europe.

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Friendly Student Community

If you ask an average foreign student in Poland about what impresses them the most, you will instantly hear about the friendliness and attitude in the university community. The locals are truly one of the most caring personalities who will always help you out, often free of charge. It’s a natural part of Polish culture.

In case you get into some conflicts, it will be mostly because of the language barrier. Feel free to approach Thewordpoint as a solution if you need to translate something or have trouble with your academic transitions or any other documents. Turning to a professional always helps. 

Some cities like Gdansk or Gdynia are the best polish cities for international students in this aspect.

High Educational Standards

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Many foreign students consider Poland a great place to study because of its high educational requirements. While it may be much easier to enroll in a Polish university, the demands you will have to meet will be up to the latest standards.

Poland is one of the countries with the highest number of libraries per capita, something that impacted positively in the national higher education standards.

The best part is that you will always receive sufficient support as the professors are much easier to approach and talk to compared to the UK or the United States. Speaking of the curriculum content, many foreign students report that Polish educators actually take time to add additional data and case study assignments to help the students gain some practical experience as well. 

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Future Career and Employment Prospects

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Poland is also popular because many of the world’s top companies in various fields have their respective branches here. It means that you can get employment as a student or consider amazing internship options.

Speaking of job vacancies, you will receive way more chances than elsewhere. Reading the news, you will be able to adjust your CV and focus on various aspects of your personality to impress the companies or organizations in question. It is also a great place to start your career growth by participating in various European community projects. 

Showing Respect is Essential

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As a foreign student in Poland, you should remember that the locals will always walk the extra mile for you, yet they will not tolerate the lack of respect for their religious beliefs, traditions, and customs.

It is an important point you must remember as you enroll! As a European country with a complex history, the people in Poland stand for what they believe in, yet they won’t force it on you. While they may not complain or start a fight when they encounter a lack of respect, they will form an impression about you that will help you not only in the social environment but also in the academic field. 

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